Monday, 10 April 2017

Responsible pet ownership

In He Tangata we have been learning about how to be a responsible citizen. Matilda and I decided that we should do responsible pet ownership.
For my inquiry project I did responsible pet ownership..

I think I am extended abstract because I know how to care for a pony, what to do, and what resources to use.

Some things you will need to look after you a pony are…
. Cover
. Feed
. Paddock
. Saddle
. Bridle
. Brushes
. Bucket’s
. Hay
. Water
. Halter

I am proud because we got a lot of people who wanted to come see the pony and learn about him. I also think we concentrated a lot throughout our project..

My next step is to present the project, as due to the weather, we had to postpone.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

What I play hard at

Sicarders sing, beans pop and beams of light come through the trees. The first thing I do as soon as I hop out of the car, is dash to the tack room and put on my helmet. I dart to get my halter and zoom to get my pony Shay. I tack him up and go to the dressage arena. I use my leg ,rein ,whip ,voice and aids. After my lesson I either feel great and proud, or frustrated and angry. All though at the end of the day I know it was worth it.

Responsible citizen

I think I am at extended abstract because i can pick up rubbish and know why. You pick up rubbish so we can have a clean environment and animals can not choke.
 I can also be a responsible citizen by helping others and tell them what to do.So if they were a prestructural I could help them get the skill to get to unistructural.

I can improve by being responsible citizen inside and outside of our community.
I also can help by being a helpful bystander. A helpful bystander will stop the bully or take the victim away.I can also encourage other people to do the same as me. I can also be a responsible citizen for many other things like…

Picking up rubbish is helpful for the animals health so they don't choke and die.
helping the environment is important to keep it clean and have a happy place.
being a role model is great so people do things right and the world is a better place.
looking after people is awesome to make sure they are safe and feel okay.
we need leaders so everyone knows what to do.

I am Elise

I am a monster truck trying to push the limits, always looking ahead.

I am a pair of scissors, chopping through my work.

I am a crispy apple, strong and sturdy, looking forward to the other side.

I am a cupcake, sweet but sometimes sour. My icing is kind and fluffy.

I am a silky dress waving in the wind, doing twirls, singing and dancing, all to my joy.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

My person

Okay this is a problem, a big big problem, I am going to describe this horrible, horrible person. She has curly, ginormous, dark brown, bouffy, afro hair and she's quite big and round.  Her eyes are small but her mouth is big. The way she walks is so slow and her shoulders are slouched over like a little old woman. Her scream haunts in my head at night as she sounds like a very unhappy 3 year old yelling as loud as she can. Don’t even get me started on her clothes, nah they are not that bad. She wears dark dark black, smooth long t.shirts, tight tights and ripped old checked slippers. 

 As you know the person that I am describing is horrible. She pulls the finger at people and she pulls big chunks of ear wax out out of her ear.  Her ear wax is squishy, dry, crumbly, chunky stuff.   She lives in an old, dark, smelly cottage. She hangs out with small, loud, fat people. 

She uses horrible language. She says “Shut up” “Go away you idiot” “You're stupid”  “Dumb, I hate you” and then she pulls the finger. Her voice is so high pitched and she is so so so so loud, it sounds like a roaring lion. 
After every sentence she speaks, she pulls the finger at the person she is talking to. People say she is crazy and inappropriate. A very important belonging to her is a model of a naughty finger also known as f!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Riccarton bush

During the week I went to Riccarton bush with my class. I think this tree is pretty awesome because it is the tallest tree in NZ. It can grow up to 60 meters tall. Looking at this tree it made me feel small, relaxed and calm. I took this photo because of the height of the tree and because of how it made me feel.  

Monday, 24 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activities I have enjoyed doing the most over the past two terms were cooking and box construction. My personal favourite was cooking.  A challenge I encountered during Discovery was when kate and I were making banana smoothies together. We came to a problem, we had run out of bananas and blueberries so all we had was ice cream and milk.  I overcame this problem by having a brain wave - we got to work, blending up the milk and the ice cream and mixed it into the smoothies that had the fruit in it, so that they tasted all the same.A skill I learnt during discovery was to improvise with what ingredients I had. That was also a challenge.

In discovery time one of my key competency challenges was taking turns with the glue gun and using the blender.  
I found that a challenge because I like to have things first so I can get my work done first. How I overcame these challenges by moving to a different part of my project and letting people have a go first.

During discovery a key competency I have got better at was planning ahead. One example was when me and Kate were going to make smoothies at discovery.  We had to plan ahead first so we went to the library at lunch and  started planning. First we got a piece of paper then we got a pen after that we got a ruler. When we were all ready we started planning what fruit we were going to use and who was going to bring what. I know that I am better at it because when we made the smoothies we both brought the right things.

Overall I feel confident for the next time I make a smoothie because I will know what to bring and how much of what. I am very excited for term 4 discovery.